Art Rights is a platform for digital certification that protects the artists’ artworks

Art Rights certifies the authorship, the attribution, the authenticity and dating of the artwork.

Art Rights uses the Blockchain technology to allow the work traceability, the proof of its authenticity and the management of royalties.

Art Rights main benefits

Art Manager

Easy to use online management software  for art world professionals


The registry for Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with a validation timestamp based on Blockchain technology.


Protect personal and economical information about your art collection.


A new  way to increase the value of your artworks overtime.

Art Rights Main Users

Living Artists

Archive - Artist Foundation - Heirs

Gallery - Auction Houses

Art Collectors

Art Rights is currently by invitation only

Do you know that over 50 Percent of Art is Fake?

Geneva-based FAEI’s chief Yann Walther claims that estimates of 50 percent of art circulating on the market being forged or misattributed, are FAKE.

Yann Walther - Fine Art Expert Institute (FAEI)

Where are your C.o.A.?

Do you remeber where all yours Certificates of Authencity, receipts, and additional info of your art collection are? Losing this documents decrease the value of your artworks.

Art Backers

Do you want to improve the value of your collection?

Trace your artworks journey. From the first show, sale and exhibitions. Every step of the journey increases the value of your artworks.

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